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We use not only the well-known and commonly used structural elements such as trusses and plate girders. The achievement of the Zeman group are the patented plate girders with a corrugated web (SIN). We design in accordance with modern trends, also using structural structures, while at the same time relying on proven and practical solutions and many years of experience of our employees.

In our work, we use specialized computer software to design steel structures and claddings: Autodesk AEC Collection (Revit, Advance Steel, Autocad, Robot), Bricscad, Idea Statica Connection, Bocad-3D, Aveva Bocad, RM-WIN, SPECBUD EN as well as software developed in-house.

When designing, we cooperate with specialist companies operating in related fields, such as modern fastening technology or fire protection. We maintain contacts with scientists employed at universities in Poland. Thanks to this cooperation, we are able to analyze difficult and complicated issues based on the scientific and research methodology.

Having our own design office, we enter the market with an offer of design optimization, while maintaining awareness of the work of the structure as a load-bearing system.

Our offer is economical, responsible and safe.

Our Design Office is a team of designers and constructors with many years of professional experience. We have modern, licensed computing and graphics software. We carry out small and large, simple and complex construction projects, develop workshop documentation, detailed designs and various types of static and strength analyzes, including analysis of assembly states for more complex projects.

We are very happy to cooperate with architectural offices and we try to support the idea of the SIN profile. Our designers are able to design plate girder structures, lattice structures, composite structures, statically and dynamically loaded structures and many others.

Thanks to constantly expanding knowledge, we undertake various projects, each time analyzing the adopted solutions in terms of selecting optimal design, technological and economic solutions.

Our goal is an optimal, i.e. economical design, while maintaining 3 important aspects: safety, durability and aesthetics.

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